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LTC Wayne Stokes, lst Bn 8th Bde, Houston will make the black name tag for wear on the Class B or Class A uniform at a cost of $2.00 per tag  plus postage.  He now has the blanks to make the Air Guard blue name tags. They are also $2.00 each. The TXSG has a new design on the name tags, instead of Texas State Guard it has a very small TXSG under the name.  They are the 1/8" thick plastic, matte black or blue,  Wayne would prefer multiple orders per unit to save on shipping and handling but will handle individual orders. Requirements should be faxed or e-mailed to LTC Stokes at:

e-mail: apache6@att.net         Fax: 713-682-0393

or mail your request to:

1418 Cheshire Lane Houston, Tx 77018

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State Guard Association of The United States Merchandise -Order Form:   Click Here

State Guard Association of The United States Membership form:  Click Here

State Guard Association of The United State Recommendation for Award Form: Click Here

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Army-Navy Warehouse in Farmers Branch on I-35 @ Valwood Parkway has MP brassards and all other gear incl. helmets and vests in stock or 1 week turnaround w/ 10-25% volume discounts ph # 972- 919-1937 no id card required.   


The following information was received from Hq, TXSG on 21 Jul 98.
Effective immediately the following changes will be made to Class A & Class B uniforms for all TXSG members.  Black plastic name tag engraved with members last name and Texas State Guard in smaller letters under the name will replace the red name tag on all Class A & B uniforms. Air Liaison personnel will wear a blue name tag showing members last name & Texas State Guard shown under the name.  Last date for official wear of the red name tag is 1 Oct 98.  "TX" insignia will not be worn on the shoulder marks with either the long or short sleeve army green shirt, AG 415.

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Uniforms and Insignia Wear and Appearance

In a memorandum dated 4 June 1998 Signed by Raymond C. Peters, Col, GS, TXSG, Chief of Staff, FOR THE COMMANDER, the following information was provided.

1.  Effective 30 May 1998, Change the Woodland camouflage Uniform as follows:  Change TXSG Name tape and individual name tape to subdued.   Change TXSG Security Specialist patch to subdued.  Change TXSG Shoulder Patch to subdued.  Change former Wartime Service Shoulder Sleeve Insignia to Subdued.

2.  The change will be completed by 1 October 1998.

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The information below came from http://www.army.mil/usar/ar-perscom/faq.htm which is part of the United States Army Reserve Web Site and was submitted by Major Dennis Stockl for your information.

Q: What changed about the Armed Forces Reserve Medal?  AFRM -- Armed Forces Reserve Medal. It is now awarded as a result of mobilization with an M device and an Arabic numeral when mobilized more than once in a career. The historical 10-year medal is modified, in that the medal or ribbon does not signify 10 years of qualifying Reserve service. The "Ten Year Device" is now bronze - 10, silver- 20, gold - 30.

Q: Are the Armed Forces Reserve Medal tenure devices retroactively changed? I have 20 years do I change to silver hour glass device?  YES, and YES

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