Medals & Ribbons of the Texas Military Forces


This page information was furnished by the 8th Brigade, 1st  Battalion   Texas State Guard. Visit their Web Site for additional information on the medals and a lot of other good information on the Texas State Guard


Personal Decorations for Valor and Service

txlmoh.GIF (2360 bytes)

The Texas Legislative Medal of Honor

lsmov.gif (1758 bytes)

Lone Star Medal of Valor

lsdsa.gif (1767 bytes)

Lone Star Distinguished Service Award

tosm.gif (1861 bytes)

Texas Outstanding Service Medal

tmom.gif (1840 bytes)

Texas Medal of Merit

agia.gif (1583 bytes)

Adjutant General's Individual Award

tsgmsr.gif (2009 bytes)

TSG Meritorious Service Ribbon

cgia.GIF (1480 bytes)

Commanding General's Individual Award

tsgrr.gif (1748 bytes)

TSG Recruiting Ribbon


Training Awards

ncopdr.gif (1681 bytes)

NCO Professional Development Ribbon

opmer.GIF (1733 bytes)

Officer Professional Military Education Ribbon

epbtr.gif (1828 bytes)

Enlisted Personnel Basic Training Ribbon

pfr.gif (1863 bytes)

Physical Fitness Ribbon


Service Awards

tfsm.gif (1878 bytes)

Texas Federal Service Medal

tdsdsm.gif (1755 bytes)

Texas Desert Shield / Desert Storm Medal

txfsm.gif (1748 bytes)

Texas Faithful Service Medal

tsgsm.gif (1905 bytes)

TSG Service Medal


Association Ribbons

sgaus.gif (1604 bytes)

State Guard Association of the United States

tsga.gif (1840 bytes)

Texas State Guard Association


Unit Awards

(worn on right pocket only)

guc.gif (4460 bytes)

Governor's Unit Citation

mua.gif (4455 bytes)

Meritorious Unit Award

oea.gif (4433 bytes)

Organizational Excellence Award


State Guard Association of the United States Ribbons

Personal Decorations for Valor and Service

Sgausdsr.GIF (1728 bytes)

SGAUS Distinguished Service Ribbon

sgausmsr.GIF (1721 bytes)

SGAUS Meritorious Service Ribbon

sgauscr.GIF (1679 bytes)

SGAUS Commendation Ribbon

sgausar.GIF (1878 bytes)

SGAUS Achievement Ribbon

sgausrar.GIF (1752 bytes)

SGAUS Recruiting Achievement Ribbon

sgaussr.GIF (1922 bytes)

SGAUS Service Ribbon

Note:  The State Guard Association also has a new longevity ribbon which is white-blue-white-blue-white and is not shown on this page.

Unit Awards

(worn on right pocket only)

sgaussuc.GIF (4422 bytes)

SGAUS Superior Unit Citation

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